“I’m hungry” 
“Let’s go out for lunch” 
“I have some work to hand in” 
“It looks like it’s going to rain”

There are various selves.

There might exist in a past those selves that were not selected at that time .

They might be on their own now, maybe.

Maybe somewhere, your self, completely different, exists—but it’s not really your self now.

In theater, there is a style known as “monodrama.” It usually involves just one actor, playing one character. I began with this method but I decided to push it further. I wanted to explore the meeting of many such singular selves.

What kind of world would it be, where there were many singular selves, together? I was curious.

This project incorporates graphic design and theater into my usual photographic practice. I wanted to harness the expressive power of theater in a still image.

Remember, there might be a past out there that is different from “your” now. But that’s because those other selves were not selected. Your other self might be in its own “now”, somewhere.

Maybe somewhere you are completely different—maybe somewhere you are not yourself…but a different self.

—Daisuke Takakura

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