Low-cost publishing-on-demand services, like Blurb or Lulu, are encouraging photographers of all genres to design and print really great, quirky photobooks that might not otherwise come into being.

Professional photographer Daniel Milnor has embraced this idea, and has created a cool series of books, both personal and commercial. As a personal side-project, Milnor found himself photographing dogs in the streets of many of the exotic cities where he was sent on assignment. The result is a series of self-published books of dogs (and graffiti) from Palermo, Tijuana, Paris and New York.

"Palermo has a street dog issue, a big one, and the city is filled with loose dogs, a motley mix of species that has to be seen to be appreciated. In addition, there are many other non-wild dogs out for walks and runs with their owners. So, I began by snapping canines and the craziness that goes along with the dog world. Before I knew it, I had adopted a new theme for my personal work."


Dogs Can't Read
by Daniel Milnor
82 pages, 7 x 7 inches
Warm-toned black-and-white