In Fashion Tribes, award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni has tracked down and recorded some of the most surprising and colorful international fashion subcultures. Through documentary shots and staged portraiture, he’s captured heavy metal rockers in Botswana, hipsters in Johannesburg, dandies in the Congo, female wrestlers in Bolivia, “bling bling” youth in Cuba, punks in Burma, and models in Senegal.

Often marginalized on the fringes of their own societies and looking to stand out, these people fight back and express their creativity and joy through personal style. Alongside the seven subcultures featured are essays by leading experts in fashion, art, anthropology, and sociology that explore all facets of style. Fashion Tribes offers a broad view of world dress and shows the power that clothing can hold.


Fashion Tribes: Global Street Style
Photos by Daniele Tamagni
Essays by Els van der Plas, Asanda Sizani,
Emmanuelle Courrèges, Antonio Eligio,
Véronique Marchand, Peter Popham,
Gerardo Mosquera, Karie Breen
Publisher: Abrams
Hardcover: 292 pages