This series of portraits, focusing on the life of young girls in Transylvania, lies halfway between documentary and poetry. It is a visual tale about childhood and the fragility of this precious time. 

The portraits are mixed in with pictures showing the traditional universe in which these young girls live. The environmental photographs allow us to discover a different vision of a painfully marked Romania — a country moving forward into the future, while living in the shadow of its history. Like an adult taking his first steps outside childhood, there is progress but also many mistakes along the way. 

In a hide and seek game between shadow and light, “Petite Robe de Fete” allows unique and fleeting moments of grace to flash, momentarily. I hope to capture them since they are just as soon bound to disappear.

—Delphine Schacher

Editor’s Note: We first discovered Delphine Schacher’s work at the 
Circulation(s) Festival in Paris.