Derek Henderson’s first exhibition in New Zealand is something of a homecoming. Since leaving Auckland, he has been living and working between Australia and London, working largely on fashion editorials for magazines such as ID, Arena Homme Plus, Vogue and is well known in New Zealand for his fashion work in Pavement magazine.

His latest body of work resulted from a 13,000 km road trip around New Zealand over four and half months.

Henderson says about the series, "I intentionally went to places that you don't read about or see so much about. Those rural areas where there is a small pocket of urban."

"I would drive into those towns around 5 o'clock, and there would be a rush hour, for half an hour, and then there wasn't a single person on the street—in a car, walking down the street, communicating with anyone—they were all inside, living their lives vicariously, through satellite TV, the internet, a Playstation."

"It's a beautiful landscape, but everyone seems to be quite bored. It was a bit of a cathartic journey for me."


An exhibition of this work was shown in New Zealand at:
McNamara Photography Gallery
1 July – 30 July 2005