We think we know the archetypal Trump voter: white, male, blue-collar, angry. But are these really the only people who will vote for the Republican candidate this November?

It’s time to meet an unexpected pro-Trump contingent: the Latinos who will vote for him on November 8th.

Given his virulent anti-immigration stance, his promise to build a wall along the Mexican border, and his outright racist comments about Latinos, “The Donald” seems to be an improbable champion of the Hispanic community. A quick tour of Facebook, online forums, and blogs, however, reveals a more complex reality.

Photographers Edoardo Delille and Giulia Piermartiri went on the road this summer to meet the Latinos who are pledging their votes to one of the most unexpected candidates in American election history.

It has been observed that many first- and second-generation immigrants who manage to immigrate and attain the “American Dream” tend to become conservatives: some even champion anti-immigration beliefs. All of the subjects that are portrayed in “Los Trumpistas” were interviewed about their goals, desires and fears in order to provide some context for their opinions.

The best way to try and understand the Trump dilemma is to meet those who will vote for him in November. Ladies and gentlemen: Los Trumpistas!

—Edoardo Delille and Giulia Piermartiri

Editors’ note: While in the US, Delille and Piermartiri completed a small series on election paraphernalia. His hope is these almost unbelievable objects can give us a sense of the tone of this historic moment:

More of Edoardo Delille’s and Giulia Piermartiri’s work can be found on their respective websites. Both of them are also part of the always-inventive, never-boring collective Riverboom.