I like the immediacy and the honest, spare humanity expressed with these autobiographical photos and their concise, personal captions. It seems like a deceptively simple way to tell a complicated story. Before we get to the story, here is a bit of background on the author.

Evgeniy Petrachkov is a documentary photographer based between Moscow and Izhevsk. He was born in Izhevsk, Russia in 1991. A self-taught photographer, he started documenting his surroundings when he was 17 years old. LensCulture is pleased to present a sample of images and text from his first long-term project, Malinikha, about the working-class area in Izhevsk where he grew up.

Starting in 2016, Petrachkov has self-published several zines featuring his work. His zines — Malinikha, Unemployment Certificate, Sunday Blues, Deprivation and others — study the relationship between places and people inhabiting them.

He is working on a long-term project documenting the Volga Federal District, a leader in agriculture and oil and gas refining in Russia, that is suffering the biggest migration loss in the country due to economic crisis. And he recently started a project about Moscow where he currently lives.

Thanks to our mutual friend, Newsha Tavakolian, for introducing us. All of the following photos and text are copyright © Evgeniy Petrachkov. Enjoy!

— Jim Casper