VIA! is an international street photography project which stretches from the furthest toe of Italy to the northern reaches of Germany. This ambitious idea began in October 2014.

For a period of 52 weeks, photographers hailing from across the two countries observed daily life in their respective homes. The project’s intention was to show everyday life in both countries as well as cultural and social differences (and commonalities!) through the eyes of ten different photographers. Along the way, the unexpected, surreal, tragic, funny, weird or thoughtful moments they captured were documented on a bilingual blog.

On the Italian side, coverage came from Umberto Verdoliva, Stefano Mirabella, Mary Cimetta, Giorgio Scalici and Michele Liberti, Germany, meanwhile, was represented by Siegfried Hansen, Guido Steenkamp, Marga van den Meydenberg, Michael “Monty” May and myself, Fabian Schreyer.

The final result of the group’s year-long journeys were first shown in January 2016 at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere/Rome. A smaller version of the exhibition has fittingly traversed Italy, making stops in Palermo, Venice, La Spezia and Livorno, with Bologna and Florence still to come.

2017 will mark the first appearance of the exhibition in (and later all across) Germany—but the details remain to be determined. We hope you enjoy this selection and we’d love to see you somewhere on the road between now and the year to come.

—Fabian Schreyer, photographer & artistic director of VIA!

Editor’s Note: VIA! was made by possible thanks to support from the Goethe Institut. A smaller version of VIA! is currently being exhibited at Cappella Scafurno in Livorno, Italy. It will stay there until August 21, 2016.