My photographs portray an old mountain house that has been uninhabited for many years. In the past, the house functioned as a guesthouse. But since being abandoned, the house grows worse and worse with each passing year. Still, despite the decay, traces of human presence remain. It is as if time had stopped here.

At first glance, this empty space hides nothing interesting: useless or even destroyed objects, beaten up furniture. But after spending some time amidst these elements, a disturbing and melancholic atmosphere began to make itself visible. Shapes imprinted on the pillows, stains on the sheets, curtains set up by someone on the window sill, kitchen trays ready to be used. These tiny details stimulated my imagination, transforming a seemingly dead subject into a richly storied place.

—Gabriela Kaszycka

Editor's Note: Gabriela Kaszycka is a laureate of the  SFR Jeunes Talents photography awards, and her series was presented to the public at Paris Photo 2013.