I moved to Berlin several years ago, for love.

I explored the vast, cold, monumental city under the shield of a warm heart. But Berlin is a chimera—it seems one way but then turns out another. It gives, then takes away. It looks like something but then reveals a different side altogether.

Time passed and eventually the love had flown away. I would casually take pictures when I would go out, wandering. In Berlin, you find what you need at night. It was in those moments that I really lived—with the flickering lights, strange encounters, and the many sounds of the city that never sleeps.

Over time, I started planning my photographs more carefully. I was curious what else I would find in this spectral hour. I would go out before dawn, taking multiple trips to a specific place, chasing the first light. Or I would stroll the empty streets aimlessly. The light that appeared on the edge between night and day was always a beautiful burst of color, before everything would fade out and the normality of the day would remind me of my real self. In this light, I found everything I ever wanted: passion, love—peace.

—Gergana Petrova