A rigid and direct gaze, a stiff upper body, crossed hands; what on first glance is reminiscent of a classical portrait soon looks very odd.

Grégoire Cheneau’s portraits are not mere snapshots, but carefully planned compositions, in which skillful manipulation of his subject’s gestures is used to suggest the complexity of an individual.

Grégoire Cheneau photographs his models over several hours from as many different angles as possible, and afterwards recomposes separate elements from the images into unsettling portraits. Imperfection finds its way into the photographic portrait.

By striving in Altered States to reach the essence of the person depicted, Grégoire Cheneau comes up to the boundary between reality and fiction.

— Marina Porobic, Biel-Bienne Festival of Photography

Editor’s note: We discovered and met Grégoire Cheneau at the excellent Biel-Bienne Festival of Photography in Switzerland.