The continents of our planet are in constant motion. Geologists predict that within 250 million years virtually all landmass will have merged into one single supercontinent.

To make thees pictures, I have visited a number of cities around the world such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, Budapest, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Mexico City and Stockholm. There I have photographed the street life on negative black-and-white film. I then rewound the film and exposed the entire roll once again in another city somewhere else in the world.

The resulting double-exposures show different cities, countries and continents merged together. The Forecast series is an attempt at documenting the future—although this in itself goes against the very nature of photography.

— Hans Malm

Editor’s note: We first met Hans Malm, and discovered his work, during the Fotografiska / Lens Culture Portfolio Reviews, which were part of Stockholm Photography Week 2011.