Hikari Creative is a photography collective founded in 2014 by an unlikely (but somehow perfectly suited) group of photographers from Iran, Japan, Brazil, Italy and America. Hikari is a great example of a contemporary, social media-first collective that has built a huge and loyal following—principally through their high-quality Instagram feed—in a very short amount of time. This collection of 20 photographs was curated by the group’s five members for publication on their feed. The caption of each photograph offers a short explanation from the curator as to what made it special.

From the beginning, we at Hikari Creative have been committed to showcasing the work of other photographers. We wanted our feed to focus on outstanding and memorable photography, no matter who produced it. Our hope is that our followers will find on Hikari Creative meaningful imagery in the cross-section between photo-documentary and fine art.

We firmly believe that Instagram plays an important role in encouraging young and emerging photographers to cultivate their talent. We have always envisioned Hikari as a platform that allows photographers—from the unknown to the famous—to have their work seen. A sort of virtual space where creative photography can flourish and be recognized.

We don’t have any hard and fast rules for posting, but the general criteria is that it has to be an interesting photo—the more original and creative, the better. We trust each of our members’ views, which allows for a full representation of the wide range of photographic styles contained in Hikari.

As member Eric Mencher describes, “When I search for photos to post on the feed, I have no preconceived ideas about styles of photography. But I am looking for interesting images, pictures that are striking, powerful, often beautiful and always compelling. I like looking for pictures from young or even beginning photographers, hoping to inspire and encourage them. And I definitely am drawn to the work of photographers from a wide variety of countries—Instagram has a worldwide audience and I’m proud that Hikari Creative’s feed is a true reflection of that universality.”

To put it more simply: we post when we find something strong!

In the future, we’d like to post a combination of single images along with more photo essays. Instagram is a fantastic venue for both and we want to take advantage of any opportunities to present long-term projects.

—Hikari Creative

Editors’ Note: You can find the work of Hikari Creative on their website or their vibrant Instagram feed. They were also interviewed by LensCulture if you would like to know more about their personal work.