Known as a place where time seems to have stood still since the 1960s, Cuba makes for a fascinating location for street photographers. Recent developments and the current political climate that re-opened US-Cuba relations poses questions about what the future might bring to the nation, and how quickly things might change.

On a recent trip to Cuba in December 2014, Turkish photographer Ilknur Can created some seemingly timeless photographs using her iPhone. By using a digital black-and-white film filter, she further blurred the distinction between the past and future.

Her arrival in Cuba was timely, as she was able to observe how the country reacted to the U.S. decision to release the remaining members of the Cuban Five.

“Already Communism is getting eroded and many Cubans are interested in America…it puts everybody in a state of concern about how the future will be shaped,” Can said.

Can found her passion in street photography. While she lives in Istanbul, Turkey, she frequently travels, seeking out new subjects for her work. Using her iPhone, Can is able to travel light, and snap photos of daily life in various cities around the world without having to stop and change lenses.

Since 2014, Ilknur Can has been an active member of Hart Collective, a photography collective focused on creating a body of innovative street photography using mobile devices.

—Lauren Sarazen