The title of Jacob Aue Sobol’s most recent book, With and Without You, is a tribute to his father, who passed away when Sobol was 20. “When I came up with the title,” he said, speaking to LensCulture over the summer, “it was because I had just turned 40. I thought about my father. He never got to see any of my pictures, so all of this work…is kind of an indirect way to show him everything I’ve done since.”

Sobol is a Magnum photographer who has shot projects all over the world, most notably in Greenland, Guatemala (where he photographed the series “The Gomez-Brito Family,” winner of the First Prize, Daily Life Stories, World Press Photo 2006), and Tokyo, where he spent two years creating work for his internationally recognized series I, Tokyo. With and Without You is a collection of images created by Sobol over the past two decades.

In this video interview, shot at Sobol’s exhibition at Les Rencontres d’Arles this summer, the photographer speaks about a career full of travel (“I find it’s often the things we have in common that I look for, like falling in love or being left behind”), the intensity of his journeys through northern Siberia, and the person who inspired this publication: his father.


If you’re interested in “With and Without You,” you can learn more about Sobol’s book on his website.