Through its particular relationship with reality, I like the idea that photography is an exploration of the moment from within. This goes without saying that it’s also essentially a matter of one’s point of view.

In Cannes, on the French Riviera, a m2 with a seaside view is one of the most expensive in the world (running €20,000 or more). It was here that I chose to change my perspective: specifically, to look through the eyes of a homeless person, occupying less than a square meter’s pavement on the famous Croisette.

This turned out to be a point of view that radically changed my perception of human relations. From this “inferior” posture, the world looks different: others’ eyes don’t make contact with yours anymore; the passersby become instinctively caught in moment’s of internal motion and intimacy—from the ground, looking up, they are so close and yet so unreachable at the same time.

But my experience in this perspective was limited. This is not meant as an analysis or a rushed conclusion. Instead, I offer only a photographic point of view on what a view point, from a very different level, could be.

—Jean-Jacques Bernard

Jean Jacques Bernard was one of the 31 winners and finalists of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2015! LensCulture is proud to present the work of these photographers who show us, each in their own way, why street photography today remains as fresh and vibrant as ever!