This strikingly beautiful and unusual photobook takes us on a multi-continent search for the last living nomadic peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a remarkable journey, showing facets of modern-day nomadic cultures that are not quite what one would expect to find.

Here is an introduction from the book’s website, which is a pleasant journey in itself:

“Since the beginning of time, nomadic people have roamed the earth. Looking for food, feeding their cattle. Looking for an existence, freedom. Living in the wild, mountains, deserts, on tundra and ice. With only a thin layer of tent between them and nature. Earth in the 21st century is a crowded place, roads and cities are everywhere. Yet somehow, these people hold on to traditions that go back to the very beginning of human civilization.”

by Jeroen Toirkens (photos) &
Jelle Brandt Corstius (essay)
Edit: Marc Prüst
Publisher: Lannoo, Gautier Platteau
Language: Dutch and English
Size: 208 pages, 280 x 230 mm, hardcover, 150 photos in duotone
and full color

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