Our childhood homes are both given to us and created in our minds. As children, others make the decision of where we live, but we each create vibrant internal worlds based on these shared surroundings. "Home" exists somewhere between the physical spaces and our personal, emotional understandings of them.

Sometimes, as adults, we have the chance to build our homes anew. It is an opportunity to make a deliberate decision about where and how we will live. With a family, we get to build and define a place for our own children to explore and grow, now and in the future.

This is the act that Joakim Eskildsen captures in his series, "Home Works". Eskildsen is, at once, looking for a new home, documenting the process of a home's creation and trying to re-see the world through his children's eyes. His work is filled with beauty and wonder, curiosity and exploration, long journeys and small steps, hard work and repose.

He writes:

"I started photographing when I was 14 years old...During the first years, I photographed around the house, the fields, and the forest. From the very beginning, it was certain light or weather condition that inspired me and made me eager to go out. "

"At some point, my interest started turning back to the beginnings, and to the things that had so much inspired me at first. I felt it was a relief to photograph in the immediate surroundings, rediscovering what had made me so interested in photography. My son was born, and little later, my daughter. Consequently, my family started looking for a good place to live, which has taken us to six different homes scattered over Finland, Denmark, and Germany."

Joakim Eskildsen describes this series as an "artistic homecoming". Fitting, given that the chance to build a new home represents, for all of us, both a return and a new beginning.

—Alexander Strecker