Oncoming storms normally have us reaching for umbrellas, or rescheduling outdoor plans. However, rarely do we stop to observe meteorological activity at work. These images capture the drama unfolding, placing cloud movements center stage.

Jody Miller has worked as an animator and designer in the television industry in Hollywood, California for the last 40 years, but “chasing the light” in her fine art photography has always been her passion. Her television background has influenced her to bring out the inherent drama in her subject matter, and driven her towards following storms:

I have been chasing storms in the center of the United States for the last three years now, and the ever-changing light and drama that these storms provide is a powerful draw for any artist. These are storm photos taken during 2013, 2014, and 2015, in the Midwest and the Southwest.

Her dominant focus on the changing sky creates dramatic panoramas. These landscape shots take on more than simply documenting a storm. Rather, the variety of light, and the intricate shapes and colors of these clouds border on poetic imagery.

—Lauren Sarazen

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