We live in a world surrounded by advertising. Every day, we are presented with thousands of advertisements—but do we pay attention to them?

We have become accustomed to advertisements, and so we ignore them. This is part of the reason why companies are constantly seeking new places to advertise in, often at the expense of our public spaces.

Paradoxically, we barely resist the privatization of these spaces, while on the internet we use plug-ins like AdBlock (an application with a line of code that suppresses advertisements on our browser) because we consider the continual assault of banners an invasion of our privacy.

We need to put our eyes back on those advertising claims that we have made such effort to ignore so we can scrutinize our coexistence with advertising, both individually and socially. To tackle the issue in this photographic project, I put into play an “anti-advertising” filter which eliminated the ads and left the billboards deprived of their original function.

—Jorge Pérez

Editors’ note: This project was singled out by the jury of the Emerging Talent Awards 2017. See all of the inspiring projects from this year’s 50 talents!