Coming up for air, or peering through a periscope, we see — with surprise or delight or fear — what surrounds us at this precise moment, just on the surface of the dark sea. We're immersed here, off the coasts of Brazil and Uruguay, bumping up from below to catch a whale's eye view, and then down again, only to surface in another spot with another vista, another surprise.

Brazilian photographer José Diniz has been swimming and making photographs up and down the coasts of South America for many years. This book of 54 images, one flowing into the next and then into the next, is quite literally immersive and dream-like.

The book is beautifully designed and printed in such a way that sometimes one image will flow over from one page to the next. It is dark, rich, velvety — and a joy to experience.

Other photographers have used similar approaches, half-in, half-out of the water (Rinko Kawauchi and Andreas Müller-Pohle come to mind immediately), but they work in color. The black-and-white of Diniz's pictures connects his images like a series of waves, black and white; or like memory or our shared imagination.

Highly recommended.

— Jim Casper

Jose Diniz
22,5cm x 22,5 cm
74 pages 54 images
ISBN: 978-85-65709-06-4 
Publisher: Editora Madalena/ Terceiro, 2014