“Rainbow Girls” is a photographic documentary series about lesbian women in South African townships.

Undeterred by the daily threats of violence, constant intimidation and at the risk of being cast out by their own families, the lesbian women of the townships Gugulethu and Khayelitsha continue to be proud of who they are and the love they represent.

South Africa is still home to high levels of violence against women and children, despite a constitution widely regarded as the most progressive in the world (and even after further legislative overhaul that safeguards women’s and children’s rights).

—Julia Gunther

Editors’ Note:
Rainbow Girls is the 3rd installment of Julia Gunther’s ongoing project ‘Proud Women of Africa’: a photographic record of women who live or work in Africa. It can be seen as part of the Grid International Photo Biennale in Cape Town, South Africa, the Photoville Fence in the USA, and Openbare Bibliotheek in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Also, don’t miss Julia Gunther’s major feature in the Huffington Post. Congratulations Julia!

We first discovered Gunther’s work after it was submitted for the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2013. We’re happy to see how widely the series has been celebrated since then!