Photography is my inside joke with God. He alone knows that time doesn’t exist. I use photography as a tool to extend the now; not to preserve the past. The past cannot be preserved because it does not exist. So to me, photography is a testament to time’s vulnerability.

Shoot cameras, not guns. And raise sons righteous. I follow the injunction to love God supremely and your neighbor as yourself. All of this is brought into my photography. Photography is a dissemination point for me to say that there is beauty in everyone.

I only shoot at night…I want to remind people we’re in outer space…I photosynthesize under the street-lamps with the hood champs and the impoverished.

—Khalik Allah

Editors’ Note: We discovered this great work when Khalik Allah submitted some of these photos to the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards. Even though the international jury did not select the submission as an award winner, the editors of LensCulture liked the work so much, that we decided to publish a feature article about it and post it to Facebook, as well. Enjoy!