For the past five and a half years, British photographer Kirsty Mitchell has dedicated her vast and varied creative energies to the series "Wonderland." The project began as a tribute to Mitchell's mother, an English teacher and passionate lover of literature, who passed away in 2008.

Since the project's beginning, it has grown into a full-blown multi-media enterprise, with photographs simply representing the final product. Behind each image are hours, weeks, months, sometimes years of preparation. Thus, the series represents an elaborate melting pot of Mitchell's decade-long experience in the fashion design and costume-making industries. 

Above is a video featuring behind the scenes footage from the photograph "She'll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer". 

The boat and dress were true scale and hand-made for the picture. The boat was taken to the wood six months before the shoot to bed down and become overgrown by nature. It took a 14-hour workday to produce the single shot. 

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