This is a story about the kids from Biskupice — a rusty-with-ill-reputation industrial district of Zabrze in the Silesian Highlands of Southern Poland.

Children from Biskupice have the luxury of freedom which their peers from big metropolises can not feel. Children from Biskupice do not have fenced-in play areas and they are allowed to trample lawns. They can play football everywhere they want, enjoy adventures and secret places. And they can not always behave well.

Their world seems to be infinite.

This is a story about five friends who democratically share fags, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. They steer clear of a bully, “Big Aneta.” These boys hate school and already two of them have left it for good.

But they cannot start with a clean slate either. Szychta and Kalus dumped a cat off the bridge. Kalus and Bajlas devastated the local cemetery. Bajlas and Szychta set fire to an old shed. And Bajlas smashed a dinner plate on his school friend’s head.

Their world can appear fascinating, with its limitless living space and imagination, but then it is also deeply puzzling, with its mixed moral code. This poses the question of how many evil deeds are yet to be committed, what else will happen between now and the arrival of much-anticipated adulthood…

— Konstancja Nowina Konopka