As we experience the reign of endless advances in just about every aspect of contemporary society, we soon notice that chaos is everywhere, both physically and psychologically. It is evident that disarray is visible and inherent at the same time, making it more and more difficult for us to see the world as it is. In this regard, photography can be used as a medium to edit and trim down all the noise, and in turn construct a rather pure and tranquil universe for the eye and the mind.

By limiting subject matter, eliminating the sense of place, and treating every element as merely shapes and colors without the assignment of any context or meaning, I was able to take a step closer to “uncontaminated documentation” — the only means for me to genuinely appreciate everyday surroundings.

Eventually, a quiet refuge was created, where no prejudice or misguidance could be perceived because “surface” was the sole factor that had significance. With such an attitude, the act of photographing itself muted the turmoil, which provided room for bonding with the environment and finding my true self.

— Kooyong Sohn