Update: World Press Photo organization announced on November 10, 2014 that Lars Boering will become managing director of World Press Photo effective January 2015.

Video recorded in Amsterdam, September 2014

Lars Boering is one of the co-founders of the Noorderlicht Masterclass for Photographers in The Netherlands. A large component of the months-long class is creating visual storytelling for the web, magazines, books and exhibitions. In this 6 minute video, he talks about the fundamentals of good visual storytelling, as he sees it:

1. Basic flow of a photo story, whether it is linear or non-linear

2. The importance of editing and sequencing of photos to engage with the audience and keep them engaged

3. How captions and text contribute essential understanding and deeper insights into most visual stories

All good things to keep in mind as the new technologies of media, web and mobile are shifting the way we see, experience and share news and visual storytelling.

— LensCulture