I learn the most when I walk with a camera; about myself and the company I share. I engage. I stop mentally. I listen.

True discipline for me is learning to decide when to experience and when to capture. The success of a walk must never be measured by the number of rolls exposed.

I can reflect, relax and enjoy silence in the comfort that I have, all the company I need hanging loosely from my right shoulder.

The majority of banter or silence I share with others can feel dominated by the activity that accompanies it. Being harnessed to a location limits what might occur. A walk doesn’t intrude on company. It holds it, encourages it, comforts and entertains it. Because it is what it is; always an experience.

These images are truth; they were taken with nothing but a desire to take them. There was no pressure, agenda or reason behind them. They each have a tale, a place and a moment, all innocently experienced.

This project has no beginning or end. It is the diary of the moments I allow myself to escape, alone or with company. So where shall we walk today? Anywhere…

—Laura Pannack

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