Discover 23 great photographs in the themed exhibition “POWER,” the third curated show representing 19 international photographer members of the LensCulture Network.

Curated by Judy Walgren

I have often found myself thinking about and challenging the notion of Power during these past months: with two mega-hurricanes and two earthquakes, constant protests against power structures, and US presidential advisors being shuffled in and out at an alarming rate, Power of all kinds is being displayed before us in the media we consume. The eternal, ethereal grasp of Power surrounds then evades, beckons then repels. Power changes hands constantly: those who have it continue to chase more of it until they find themselves, suddenly, running from it.

I’d like to explain, if possible, my process for this curation. I am an intuitive editor and curator—working from emotion as much as my intellectual foundation. For me, photography and visual art should conjure a response in the artist and the audience. In this case, I looked for literal interpretations to blend with more subtle suggestions, while seeking images that can serve as successful transitions from one “movement” to the next.

At the very least, I hope some of you find that one image or grouping works its way into your mind to provide a push to create your own visual articulation of Power. I certainly did.

—Judy Walgren

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