Do you dream of having your work exhibited in a gallery and sharing it with an audience? You are not alone! Many photographers in our international community tell us they want more opportunities for their work to be seen by gallery professionals. They would also like a deeper understanding about the gallery world, and tips for connecting with curators. Our brand new guide does just that, and more.

Throughout the 136 pages of our Photographers’ Guide to Working with Galleries, you’ll find valuable advice and candid insights from practicing artists, independent curators, commercial gallerists and fine-art educators, all with diverse perspectives and experiences that speak to the multifaceted nature of the gallery world.

What’s inside?

Why Exhibit?
Understand the value of exhibiting and find out if presenting your work in galleries is right for your work and career goals.

Anatomy of the Art Gallery
We provide in-depth descriptions of the different gallery types including commercial, artist-run and virtual. We unpack the various staff roles within galleries and explore how representation works. Our industry experts bust some myths about galleries and share what they look for in artists they work with.

Prepare to be Seen
Find out what you need before approaching a gallerist or curator and how to prepare your materials. Use the reader tasks to refresh your written materials, your printed portfolio, your online presence and other marketing materials with galleries in mind. Get written professional feedback on your materials via LensCulture Fine Art Project Reviews (optional).

Make Yourself Known!
Discover strategies for getting on the radar, establishing and nurturing professional relationships, and adopting the right kind of mindset for success.

Be Inspired
Read interviews with curators and exhibiting artists to uncover their motivations and thoughts when preparing an exhibition.

Photographers’ Guide to Working with Galleries has been written to give you the confidence, mindset and knowledge to position yourself in the best possible light and for the opportunities that are best suited to YOU.

Download today and start 2021 feeling inspired, informed and confident you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of success to reach your career goals.