Submitting images to a juried photography competition is the first step many artists take towards building a global audience for their work. But how do you choose among the wide range of competitions available to photographers today? And how do give your work its best chance of being recognized amongst the other submissions?

In this comprehensive guide, we attempt to answer these questions, and more.

We’ve included a checklist to help you critically analyze which competitions are notable, and which ones are worthy of your time, your work, and in many cases, your money.

We highlight the extra perks that can exist beyond the competition itself, and sharpen your skills for submitting your work in a professional way that gives it every opportunity to be noticed.

We speak with past LensCulture award-winners to get their insights, and included tips on every aspect of the submission process from frequent jurors such as Lesley A. Martin (Aperture), Louise Fedotov-Clements (FORMAT Festival), Barbara Tannenbaum (Cleveland Museum of Art) and Fiona Shields (The Guardian).

Our aim is to provide you with an essential companion for finding and assessing photography competitions, and making the most of your efforts when you submit.