After long days of reviewing a record number of submissions from photographers in 62 countries, we are delighted to announce the winners and finalists of the 2013 LensCulture Exposure Awards.

The six winners and 25 finalists represent work from 20 countries. The quality and variety of submissions impressed the members of our international jury. Given the diverse background of the jury members and the wide-range of applicants, it seems fair to say that collectively, these winners represent a fascinating cross-section of the many ways the language of photography is being practiced today.

Given the amount of cross-cultural connection that these awards represent, it is fitting how this year's submissions criss-crossed the globe. Of the six prize-winning projects this year, four of them had the photographer actively engaging with a culture, perspective or world other than their own. These explorations happened literally and metaphorically: in the intimacy of a cross-cultural relationship, or across different generations' memories, or on a foreign continent altogether.

This year's winners underscored how photographers bring personal perspectives to everything from unique cultural quirks and differences, to universal issues and concerns. The projects aimed to understand other cultures, celebrate human determination, and explore the always changing dynamics of gender, race, and identity in the contemporary world.

The three prize-winning photos in the Single Image Category can be seen on one page, together with the artists' statements.

All winners and finalists will be featured at a group exhibition in London in 2014. Furthermore, their exposure on LensCulture will reach an unprecedented audience of photography lovers, located in over 150 countries around the world.

Portfolio Category

1st Prize, Portfolio Category
David Favrod, Switzerland and Japan
From the series "Hikari" and "Gaijin"

Yasue. From the series "Hikari" © David Favrod

2nd Prize, Portfolio Category
Yijun Liao, China and the United States
From the series "Experimental Relationship"

Creating a world just for us © Yijun Liao

3rd Prize Portfolio Winner:
Richard Tuschman, United States
From the series "Hopper Meditations"

Hotel By Railroad  © Richard Tuschman

Single Image Category

1st Prize, Single Image:
Chee Keong Lim, Malaysia

Playing © Chee Keong Lim

2nd Prize, Single Image:
Julia Gunther, the Netherlands and South Africa

3rd Prize, Single Image:
Zoran Marinovic, Croatia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Child Soldiers. From the series "KID's" © Zoran Marinovic


Javier Arcenillas, Spain

Nick Ballon, United Kingdom

Anne Berry, United States

Carlotta Cardana, United Kingdom

Supranav Dash, United States

Sian Davey, United Kingdom

Fabrice Fouillet, France

Maria Gruzdeva, United Kingdom

Nick Hannes, Belgium

Ciril Jazbec, Slovenia

Douglas Ljungkvist, United States

Diana Markosian, Myanmar

Guy Martin, United Kingdom

Fausto Podavini, Italy

Graziano Panfili, Italy

Alessandro Penso, Italy

Agnieszka Rayss, Poland

Mateusz Sarello, Poland

Meinrad Schade, Switzerland

Tina Schula, United States

Viktoria Sorochinski, Germany

Alnis Stakle, Latvia

Johan Willner, Sweden

Patrick Willocq, Democratic Republic of Congo

Piotr Zbierski, Poland