This project shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. The series consists of a set of photographs taken facing a mirror, a vantage point where we would ordinarily see ourselves reflected in the glass—but here, we don’t. It’s as if we are invisible.

MeError #01 © Leonardo Magrelli

These photographs capture a situation that we can never witness, for we are their own interference. We will never be able to observe directly what a mirror shows when we are not facing it. Only by disappearing can we observe reality without the alterations that result from our intrusion.

Thus self-portrait and still life collide, creating images that are both these things and neither at the same time. Which raises the question: up to where is it legitimate to speak of portraiture? Each one of these pictures promise a portrait but then result in the cancellation of this self. It is our very absence that turns these images into still lives, that triggers the mechanism of the picture.

A medium like photography should be studied and used to try to show things that no other medium can express. In this specific case, only through the digital manipulation of the image are we able to see what neither our eyes nor the camera lens could: the direct reflection of mirrors at the moment when we are not in front of them.

—Leonardo Magrelli