Plastic-covered buildings captivate me with their ethereal, otherworldly appearance. When I spot one, I immediately set a mental timer. Whether under construction or renovation, they are usually not wrapped for long. I get right to work, obtaining permission to photograph, ordering up dark and foreboding skies, and loading film holders.

I work with a Deardorff 4X5 view camera, which slows me down and allows images to present themselves to me. In a meditative, Zen-like state, I am able to sense the moment that light, wind, clouds and glowing plastic all come together in glorious visual harmony. At times, with the breeze billowing the plastic sheeting, the building seems to breathe along with me.

Whether a structure is rising anew, undergoing repairs, or getting a fresh coat of paint, we are reminded of our own ability to change our lives, remain structurally sound, and gain new life.

— Loren Nelson