In my practice, I am interested in different forms of meaning-formation and the human, sometimes humorous, actions used for finding and creating meaning. My work takes form as an on-going examination and the different pieces of work are all parts of a larger investigation, which will never be concluded. Nature has an important role in my practice; not as a theme, but as a media and tool for investigation.

Isolated (Plants) is a series of images of insignificant wild plants photographed in their natural surroundings, but isolated using a white sheet of paper. My main interest lies on the isolating act. Is it necessary to remove something (a plant, a thought, an idea) from its context to be able to see it really clearly? The references to the botanical classification of the Enlightenment period are evident and this project also deals with the human need to categorize and specify in order to understand our surroundings.

View Towers is an on-going project of images of fragile stick towers that only through the photographs gain steadiness and consistence. The images point to the human need for perspective and understanding of the world we live in. It also deals with photography's ability to give permanence to what will not last.

—Lotte Floe Christensen

Editor's note: We were happy to discover Danish photographer Lotte Floe Christensen's work at the Photovisa Festival in Krasnodar, Russia.