years old and going strong, Circulation(s) is a Paris-based festival that showcases young and emerging photographic talents from across Europe. In the weeks leading up to this year’s edition, we will be sharing some of our favorite photographers from the program. We’re also excited to be working with Circulation(s) as an official media partner. Look out for more information regarding the festival in the weeks to come!

“Grandmothers” is a wet plate collodion series inspired by ethnological investigation: in order to make portraits of my grandmother, I used objects made by myself, based on Slavic rituals and customs.

My interest in wet plate collodion began years ago. But from the start, I knew I’d be struggling with the cliché of nice (but boring) portraits, interesting only due to their technicality. But along came another context with which to work—photographing both my grandmother and my past more generally. My use of the unusual technique strengthened the link between the artistic approach and my desire to dive into my ethnological heritage.

Beyond portraying my grandmother, the marriage between technique and subject allowed me to engage with the question of how we, photographers, can manipulate the reception of a photograph by placing older techniques in contemporary contexts. And inversely, what old-fashioned imaging methods can tell us about the present.

I’m trying to make a point using today’s artistic language—alongside old processes—as a way to extend the borders of the photographic medium.

—Magda Kuca