We first discovered this work after it was submitted to the Exposure Awards 2014. Although it was not chosen as a finalist by the jury, the editors of LensCulture were impressed and decided to publish this feature article about it. Enjoy!

I have been photographing my daughter for a couple of years now. Pestka follows her liberation from the cocoon of helplessness, like a sunflower seed under the hard shell, waiting for metamorphosis and release. Through the lens of my camera, I watched her grow, her body balancing on the border between innocence and guilt, between unawareness and awareness.

She appears as my own younger self, a reflection caught in statu nascendi—the very moment when a stone is transformed into fruit.

Body. Fruit. Seed. Stone.

Behind the camera, my eye acts as a sentry patrolling the border between here and there, between consciousness and disbelief. My purpose is to capture the moment between a dream and reality, dirt and purity. Nature is conceived on the edge of darkness, before it becomes unimaginable and inconceivable.

Each shot abandons the limits of words, objects, and concepts. This is my song. These images speak to the continuity of the body, discontinuity of time, and fractals of our existence. Petska sings of humanity and light, movement combined with death, and resentment united with ecstasy.

—Magdalena Switek