Turning Points is an especially interesting initiative taken by Magnum Photos. Each of the photographers has selected one of their own photos to represent an important turning point in their lives — professionally, personally, creatively or technically.

Some are well-known iconic photos depicting life-changing moments in world events. Others are intimate images that allow the photographers to express personal feelings, emotions and understandings that have influenced their lives and practices. All of them are intriguing photos, and each has a compelling story to tell, in the photographers’ own words.

From more than 100 images and the stories behind them, LensCulture editors have selected a handful to share here with you. Scroll down and be sure to take the time to read each caption — we hope you’ll find some personal inspiration here, too.

The Magnum Square Print Sale: All of these images (and dozens more) are available for purchase. During the sale, and one week only, over 100 archival-quality prints, signed by the photographers or estate-stamped by the estates, are available for just $100. The online store will be open from Monday, April 6, 9AM EST until Sunday, 12 April, 6PM EST. www.magnumphotos.com/shop