Discovered objects have their own memory. Although in their degraded and deprived form, they may have lost their original individuality, they still store in themselves a part of history. In my photographs, I am attempt to stop time—if only for an instant—to allow these old elements to gain new form.

The objects that I have photographed are not as they first appear. “Everyday” objects are transfigured and take on completely different aspects. Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor claimed that if an item is not capable of fulfilling its main function in reality…then it regains its message (and meaning) in the world of art. [Recall, also, Duchamp’s ”readymades]

These assemblage “Objects” operate in the same spirit, attempting both to preserve the memory of common man’s traces and also offer something new to the world.

—Marcela Paniak

Editors’ Note: We discovered this great work when Marcela Paniak submitted some of these photos to the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards. Even though the international jury did not select the submission as an award winner, the editors of LensCulture liked the work so much, that we decided to publish a feature article about it and post it to Facebook, as well. Enjoy!