This project is being shot from January 2015 to January 2016. It is focusing on a stretch of beaches on the eastern Australian coastline. The beaches that are being included begin with Palm Beach in the north of the city and then includes most of the beaches down to Cronulla beach in the south of Sydney.

The images focus on the life and environment that exist within the immediate location of these coastline suburbs. They are a mystical stretch of beaches and the people, architecture, environment and daily life of these places offer unique and fascinating imagery when captured with toy cameras.

All the images are being shot on black & white film using only toy cameras: Lomo LCA, 35mm and 120, 1960's / 70's Diana 151 cameras and Diana Clones and Lomo Diana F cameras. Square and 35mm format.

The work is aimed for exhibition and a fine art book in 2017.

—Markus Andersen

Editors' Note: This week, Markus Andersen is our invited guest photographer on Instagram.

Below, the documentary film-maker Rob Norton has made this excellent documentary short about the working methods of Markus Andersen. Beautifully made, the film brings us inside the head (and the camera) of this masterful shooter.