Travelling through Iceland for four months, a country I was unfamiliar with: The light was bright, colours were vivid, and by the end of my trip the sun kept on shining all night long. 

Snow still held the country in its veil, creating a big white void. This has a way of cleaning up the landscape, the scenery gets more graphic. 

Wondering how this scene would look like in wintertime, I decided to go back for another month in January. 

The country turns blue at dusk in wintertime. All colours fade. Cities look like scale models seeking shelter from the weather in the shadow of the mountains.

It was my intention to express the dazzling moment, that sometimes, time seems to stop.

— Maroesjka Lavigne


About the award-winning photographer:

Maroesjka Lavigne (b.1989, Belgium) gained her masters in Photography at Ghent University in the summer of 2012. Her work has been shown at the Foam Talent exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Photoacademy award in Den Haag, Netherlands, and 44 gallery in Bruges, Belgium. For ‘ísland’, the project Lavigne made in 2012, she spent four months in Iceland, driving on her own through the desolate snow-covered and blossoming landscapes of winter and spring, looking for those moments when colour, light and the subject merge into the perfect image. She self-published this work as a book (200 copies) called ‘ísland’. She is currently living and working in Ghent, Belgium.