I enjoy straight photography using film. The colors are not altered, although I use Portra VC, which tends to make certain colors pop. I grew up painting and drawing so I love color and geometry, and that sensibility translates through to my photography. 

I believe a photograph needs structure. I also believe when photography is practiced properly it is done as meditation. I most enjoy shooting urban landscapes because it forces me to view the environment I live in more closely. Photography is a tool in helping me, and others, understand our world better. 

I've been inspired by these words from Louis Sullivan, which Stephen Shore quoted in the first edition of his book "Uncommon Places":

"Attention is of the essence of our powers; it is that which draws other things towards us, it is that which, if we have lived with it, brings the experiences of our lives ready to our hand. If things but make impression enough on you, you will not forget them; and thus, as you go through life, your store of experiences becomes greater, richer, more and more available. But to this end you must cultivate attention -- the art of seeing, the art of listening. You needn't trouble about memory, that will take care of itself; but you must learn to live in the true sense. To pay attention is to live, and to live is to pay attention. . ."

— Martin Buday