Self-proclaimed "populist" photographer, Martin Parr, has ruffled feathers, tickled funny bones, and touched raw nerves around the world. His unflinching eye and unrepentant camera have caught us humans unaware of where we are and how we act — and how we might appear in some moments to a ruthless witness armed with a loaded camera. 

As a true master of social commentary, he captures humanity in all of its follies. He frames these revealing moments with quirky precision and presents them in ultra-vivid color.

Martin Parr and I met in the outdoor courtyard of his hotel in Arles this summer for a lively conversation over breakfast. In this tightly edited 10 minute audio interview for Lens Culture, Parr talks about irony, searching for vulnerability, British humor, photo books, the secret history of photography, and more. Enjoy!

— Jim Casper