“I was prepared for the transformation of the forest – the crystalline tress hanging like icons in those luminous covers, the jewelled casements of the leaves overhead, fused into a lattice of prisms, through which the sun shone in a thousand rainbows, the birds and crocodiles frozen into grotesque postures like heraldic beasts carved from jade and quartz… ”
— JG Ballard, The Crystal World

Mayumi Hosokura is definitely a photographer to watch, collect, enjoy. Her photographs, installations and books all carry special mystery, poetry and dream-like connections that stick in your mind, imprinted like universal archetypes or snatches of hypnagogic hallucinatory visions.

Her latest book, Transparency is the new mystery, comprises twenty-two images of nudes and crystals. The fragile silhouette of a hand, a coiled nude body, or the transfixing symmetry of crystalline minerals are shown in soft, translucent black and white images, held together by an enigmatic interior logic.

The book itself is an art object to be appreciated for its elegant design and sensibility.

— Jim Casper

Meet the artist at book signings in London:

Offprint London, TATE Modern, London
Saturday 21 May 2 pm

Photo London, MACK Books
Saturday 21 May 5 pm