In every society, new and old, people have and will continue to coexist with animals.

Our interactions with animals happen in varying ways, from longtime necessity and dependence, to the more unpredictable relationships arising from emotional attachment. But both are essential to the friendship that exists between humanity and animals.

Indeed, living closely with animals teaches humans humility, honesty, and sensitivity. One of the characteristic traits of animals is that there is no way to fool them—one has to behave correctly to get an animal’s respect.

In my case, growing closer and closer to the stray animals of a city helped make me feel more compassionate. This is just a small piece of what I discovered.

—Md Enamul Kabir

Editors’ note: this project was singled out by the jury of the Street Photography Awards 2017. See all of the inspiring work by the 37 winners, finalists and jurors’ picks!