In 2014, I began photographing children in Beribadh, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I found them playing in an empty expanse of land. Once filled with water, construction workers had covered the area with sand so that new land could be created where none existed before.

As Dhaka—the capital of Bangladesh—continues to grow and develop, it has gradually expanded outward in the manner of urban cities everywhere. Filling in the bodies of water that surround the city is seen as a quick means to meet the demands of a growing population and their increasing need for space.

These photographs do not serve as answers, but rather as points of interrogation: they raise deeper questions on the nature of play, childhood, and their intersecting relationship with space.

This is the story of a fantasy world imagined by a group of children. A world in transition that existed for just a few days. Soon, it will be transformed into a construction site. This was the only remaining playground for the local children.

—Md Farhad Rahman