Medphoto Festival is a new initiative in the area of photography in Greece. The first edition will take place in Rethymno, Crete this summer (opening June 6 and running until September) and will host a number of exhibitions, events and workshops that present important works of Greek and foreign photographers.

One of the flagship exhibitions is an impressively varied group show titled “Alien Territory,” which will take place in the dramatically situated, Venetian-built Fortezza citadel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Working on a more symbolic subject, this exhibition endeavors to probe our internal state—a look inside those individuals inside the borders, regardless of their descent, who are trying to find meaning in our uncertain era. “Alien Territory” is the uncharted area of our familiar environment, where our own self has become the stranger.

Below, we present a few short statements from some of the artists included in the show:

“The images of the project do not study the materially apparent mining of society but the condition of null movement, endurance, depression. The condition of time in mortgage.”

Yannis Karpouzis

“But isn’t the very notion of journey deeply bound with every place? Doesn’t it always imply risk, adventure, the possibility of losing one’s way, of wandering off the path, either deliberately or unwittingly, of getting lost, possibly even permanently? As realized in the concrete, existential, contingent world, it certainly does. This has always been part of the great symbolic depictions of the human journey, at least. The very structure of being itself,involves a journey.”

—Antonis Theodoridis

“To make work about borders is to work in a context where evidence—particularly photographic evidence—plays an important role. We are familiar with news images that show migrants as victims or criminals. Passport photographs are taken as proof of identity. The story of traumatic occurrences in a person’s life must be repeated again and again as evidence of their right to be in Europe.”

—Nikolas Ventourakis

Editors’ Note: The exhibition “Alien Territory” has been curated by Yorgos Prinos and Pavlos Fysakis. It will run from June 10 to July 15, as part of the
Medphoto festival.