Presence and absence…sounds and silences…different cities reflecting and blending perfectly between their insides and outsides. Although there are different scenarios and different architectures, everything shares that common feeling of stupefaction and meditation.

I started this series during my many stays in hotel rooms across tropical Asia’s newly minted metropolises.

The modern high-rise hotels in these metropolises are immense containers of lives in transition. So many different souls are passing through so quickly, perhaps we can perceive the essence of the real entities…these beings are encapsulated in a timeless space and isolated from the rest of the city that lives and breathes. The cities never sleep—they continue to live brightly into the deep of the Night—the Neon lights and luminous tracks (left behind the ever-running taxis), transporting still other lives to other rooms. The constant transit of identities in timeless places.

Technically, I didn’t retouched any of these Images, no digital manipulation has been used. Each picture is a single shoot with long exposure, exploiting the laws of physics, reflection and refraction of transparent glass.

—Mirko Rotondi

Editors’ Note: We discovered this great work when Mirko Rotondi submitted some of these photos to the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards. Even though the international jury did not select the submission as an award winner, the editors of LensCulture liked the work so much, that we decided to publish a feature article about it and post it to Facebook, as well. Enjoy!