The Mois de la Photo-OFF is a fringe festival organized in parallel to the official Mois de la Photo festival, held in November every two years. In 2014, the festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The goal of Photo-OFF is to offer a dynamic selection of emerging photographers exhibited in young galleries and unexpected spaces. The spaces range from galleries to train stations, bookshops or almost any other indoor or outdoor public space. 

Although we can't vouch for every single exhibition, the sheer variety, energy and diversity is evident at every stop. If you're in Paris over the next month, make some time for at least a few of these — we promise you'll discover something new!

— LensCulture

Editor's Note: Mois de la Photo-OFF exhibits in Paris through the end of November (and in some cases, for several months after that). A 
full program can be found on the website, along with a calendar of one-time events. Enjoy!