The bustle and energy of London nightlife hums through the images, capturing the troubled times caused by London’s rapidly changing economy and the rise of ride-sharing apps such as Uber. The dark portraits of night drivers are permeated by a poignant reflective light, juxtaposed with semi-abstract images of traffic in the evening glow.

Photographer Oleg Tolstoy says: “In my job as a photographer I use Uber cars, black cabs and mini cabs to travel between shoots. During these journeys I noticed an underlying weight in the air as a result of current conflicts between app and black cab, card and cash. Noticing this mood, in an idle moment between jobs, I began taking a series of photos of cabbies lost in their thoughts. These haunting portraits are ones most passengers and Londoners are usually unaware of, as they ride in the seat behind.”


Editors’ Note: This work will be shown at Carousel in London, from September 7 - 25, 2015 (by appointment only).